TED, three men, and a little lady


As you may recall, Will, Mangesh and I traveled to the Idea Festival a few weeks ago, and one of the speakers we had the privilege of hearing was Burt Rutan -- who believes you can fly, provided you do so in his crazy-genius space-travel vehicle. His Idea Festival speech isn't available on the web, but you can now watch a similar presentation he gave at the TED conference in February here. Highly recommended.

Also, allow me a quick sidenote/rant: I love me some TED, but check out the three people it chose as representatives of its new slogan for 2007, "Icons. Geniuses. Mavericks.": 

untitled.bmp /

Um, one of these things is not like the other? Why would TED choose Marilyn Monroe when there are so many other smart women around? Icon or not, compared to Rutan, Van Gogh, and Einstein, I think she might be missing something, and I don't mean well-groomed facial hair.