The Wah-Wah-Wah-Week in Review


After watching the video of the Helsinki Complaints Choir a few dozen times (and having the song stuck in my head all week), I couldn't help but gripe this week about all the other stuff that was bugging me, particularly the stuff that showed up on the blog:

Products for sale got increasingly ridiculous and extravagant.

The airwaves were dominated by political ads, propaganda, and corrupt rulers.

I was surrounded by splifficated muggins.

My fellow TV-watchers wouldn't hand over the remote control. (I mean, really! It was like pulling teeth!)

We were attacked by slobbery dogs, stinky trees, and rotten phish.

I was on the road all week, so, no Intercourse for me.

And as usual, my fellow bloggers made me feel bad about being too short.

Ah, well, it could have been worse. Much worse.

See you Monday...Â