Catching Scarlet Fever


"The last big football game Rutgers played was the first college football game ever," the great Tony Kornheiser said last Thursday, referring to a 6-4 victory over Princeton in 1869. Later that night, the undefeated Scarlet Knights upset #3 Louisville 28-25. In the latest BCS (Bowl Championship Series) poll, Rutgers is #6, almost incredible when viewed in the context of Rutgers' storied futility.

As a Jersey native, this makes me proud. As a Duke fan, this gives me hope. While it's unlikely Rutgers will play for the national championship in January, the Knights' unprecedented success is worthy of applause. And while we're standing and clapping, here's a list of notable Rutgers alumni:

+Paul Robeson, Class of '19
+James Gandolfini (Tony Soprano), Class of '83
+Calista Flockhart (Ally McBeal), Class of '88
+David Stern (NBA Commish), Class of '63
+Jim Valvano ("Don't Give Up"), Class of '67
+Mario Batali (celebrity chef), Class of '82
+Jay Chiat (advertising guru), Class of '53
+Ozzie Nelson (of Ozzie and Harriet), Class of '27
+Randal Pinkett (Apprentice 4 winner), Class of '94
+Natalie Morales (Today Show), Class of '94
+Bill Bellamy (actor), Class of '89
+Harriet Hayes (fictional character on Studio 60)
+Mr. Mag