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Just the thing for your favorite tapeworm enthusiast!


Since Mangesh is all about the wacky inventions today, I thought I'd put this one up too -- because I need a verdict: Is this incredibly cool, or is it Hypercolor in a science-y (and somewhat gross) disguise?

[The jacket is] inhabited by a Printed Organism that appears and grows on the garment only when it is being worn for long enough. When you wear the cotton jacket, the pattern, like a parasite or a wine plant, slowly comes to life as color until it reaches full visual bloom. When the jacket is removed again, the organism slowly dies out until it fades into a seamless printed pattern. The human body acts as a host and provides a support structure for the organism to grow on. The printed organism is created using thermo-chromic inks and is electrically controlled through conductive wire threaded directly on the fabric of the jacket.