Even more awesome gadgetry! These two lamps are both on American Inventor Spot's new list of great office supplies. The first lamp seems a little SkyMall for me, but I'll confess to a weakness for anything Herman Miller, and I think I'm in love with the second one.

Best iProduct: iLamp
Four-step million-dollar marketing plan for the 21st century: 1) Find an everyday product. 2) Add an iPod dock and speaker set. 3) Put the letter "i" in front of it. 4) Sit back and watch the dollars roll in. Into the already overcrowded iPod accessory market steps the legitimately useful iLamp, which, despite a ridiculous slogan (The Lamp That Rocks!) is a product you could use every day (in a welcomed variety of trendy designs) with the built-in connection for your music player. They claim it works with any MP3 player, but the name tells you what market they're going after. What's next"¦ the iCouch? iNapkin? iPhone (we wish!). The iLamp might have been higher up the list if it hadn't been totally out-lamped by our top pick. ...

#1 Best Overall Innovation: Herman Miller Leaf Personal Light
Got $500 left over after buying your Verte chair? Why not drop it on our top office innovation, the Leaf Personal Light by Herman Miller. It may just look like a piece of twisted metal (or an attacking squid tentacle), but this award-winning lamp is the iPod of office lighting. By running your finger along a groove in the base, you activate a series of 20 LEDs that you can adjust in color and intensity. Sure it's expensive, but with over 11 years of rated life, it's worth a little extra cha-ching.

Also, it coordinates perfectly with a red Swingline stapler.