And then there was the Leaf Personal Light


Even more awesome gadgetry! These two lamps are both on American Inventor Spot's new list of great office supplies. The first lamp seems a little SkyMall for me, but I'll confess to a weakness for anything Herman Miller, and I think I'm in love with the second one.

Best iProduct: iLampFour-step million-dollar marketing plan for the 21st century: 1) Find an everyday product. 2) Add an iPod dock and speaker set. 3) Put the letter "i" in front of it. 4) Sit back and watch the dollars roll in. Into the already overcrowded iPod accessory market steps the legitimately useful iLamp, which, despite a ridiculous slogan (The Lamp That Rocks!) is a product you could use every day (in a welcomed variety of trendy designs) with the built-in connection for your music player. They claim it works with any MP3 player, but the name tells you what market they're going after. What's next"¦ the iCouch? iNapkin? iPhone (we wish!). The iLamp might have been higher up the list if it hadn't been totally out-lamped by our top pick. ... #1 Best Overall Innovation: Herman Miller Leaf Personal Light Got $500 left over after buying your Verte chair? Why not drop it on our top office innovation, the Leaf Personal Light by Herman Miller. It may just look like a piece of twisted metal (or an attacking squid tentacle), but this award-winning lamp is the iPod of office lighting. By running your finger along a groove in the base, you activate a series of 20 LEDs that you can adjust in color and intensity. Sure it's expensive, but with over 11 years of rated life, it's worth a little extra cha-ching.

Also, it coordinates perfectly with a red Swingline stapler.