So Uncool It's Cool: The Corduroy Club


I was in Georgia this weekend, so tragically, I missed the second annual meeting of the Corduroy Club, an organization so ridiculous and Dave Eggers-ish that I'm sure it actually does exist. (The profile in last year's New Yorker also confirmed my suspicions.) At last year's meeting, attended by over 100 people:

  • "Betsy Franjola, manager of fabrics at Karl Lagerfeld... spoke about the history of corduroy, the different types of corduroy, popular misconceptions and the process by which the fabric was made."
  • "Awards for exemplary usage of corduroy were presented" to Vahram Mateosian and Christopher Lindland.
  • "Corduroy Club member Christina Stanley baked cookies that resembled corduroy and attendees ate them."

The meetings are held on 11/11 because, of course, it is "the date that most resembles corduroy."