IQ-tips timewarp trip: Ice Breakers

David K. Israel

If you missed yesterday's installment, we're on an IQ-tips timewarp trip this week, dipping into Amy Vanderbilt's classic book from the 1950s, The Complete Book of Etiquette, looking at her chapter on Home Entertaining.

Nowadays, if you're stuck for what to say at a party, it's always easy to pull something out of our savvy new book, Cocktail Party Cheat Sheets. But the poor folk stuck back in Amy Vanderbilt's day weren't so lucky. Check it out:

Occasionally, even the most astute hostess will find gathered under her roof—perhaps at a birthday party where relatives and friends are of varying ages—a group of people it is difficult to entertain. In this circumstance games are often very helpful as ice breakers. "The Game" is very popular even among intellectuals. "Ghosts" is also entertaining. I remember playing it when our electric power went off for four days and we wearied of trying to read by candle, lamp, and flashlight. Even a spelling bee can be fun in a large crowd of young and old. A book of games is probably an excellent addition to everyone's home library.

[ed. note: I guess I'm no son of an intellectual, because my parents have no idea what "The Game" refers to. Any readers care to enlighten us? And while you're at it, how about "Ghosts"???]