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Eggshell, Burnt Sienna and Prison Pink?

Mangesh Hattikudur

While you might be able to find the soothing Pepto-Bismol shade at your local paint shop, chances are that after this Monday, you won't see the color lining any Kansas City prison walls anymore. That's because local police have deemed the think pink color test a total failure. Back in the early 90's the KCPD was quick to jump on the interior decoration bandwagon, after studies showed that prisoners were more likely to be calmer and better behaved in rooms doused in pink. After 15 years of trying it out, though, the only effect seemed to be that the color annoyed the prison employees, so they've gone back to the previous palette: "Institutional Gray." Click here to read more at Yahoo News.

Editor's note: Sounds like bad news for Dallas County, then...