Y'know, now that the election season is over and we're recovering from the caustic effects of all those horrid political ads, we're feeling kinda touchy-feely. We want a break from competition. We want to live in a world where everyone's a winner!

So, taking Indecision 2006 to a whole new level, we're pleased to announce that the mental_floss Tribune will actually be the mental_floss Triumvirate. Mike Landau, Tucker Steele, and Lyssa are your new watchdogs, your reverse-ombudsmen, your fearless leaders. In the event of a member's impeachment or of total decimation of the governmental structure, "Danzilla," who entered the race a bit late (yesterday), will take over as either the replacement or as Supreme Dictator. Mike/Tucker/Lyssa -- we'll be calling on you for advice pretty soon, so take a page from the Boy Scouts and be prepared. Also, go on and start bickering over who gets to be the Henry Clay figure, because that could take a while to resolve.