Whose Line is it Anyway?


With all the commotion over the new PlayStation 3 coming out, it seems like various groups are taking full advantage of the long queues. Here are 3 groups squeezing some real lemonade out of this lemon-line situations (all shamelessly pulled from G4's fantastic blog TheFeed).

Clever Outsourcing: In Cary, North Carolina, a young businessman has bussed in 50 homeless men to wait in lines for him and his friends. He's giving them $100 each for their day's worth of work, and bringing in meals via U-Haul as well.  He plans to sell the extra PS3's on e-bay for upwards of $2000 per system.

Thugs: Last night, two gun-toting muggers decided to rob a line full of gaming enthusiasts at a Connecticut Wal-Mart. While most of the line was happy to comply with the bandits' demands for cash, sadly, one 21-year old realized it's a lot easier to be a hero from behind the controller than in real life. Upon confronting the robbers, he was shot twice. Luckily, he seemed to be playing with extra lives-- he was rushed to a local hospital, where he's in stable condition.

Do-gooders: The team from ScrewAttack.com is waiting in line for PS3's, but instead of selling their shiny new PlayStations on e-Bay for crazy loot, the team is instead auctioning off their places in line, and then giving all the cash to charity!