CNN Money just did a fantastic gallery on hot toys for rich brats, (aka things I'd have to sell a kidney just to make a down payment on). Here are some of the inane highlights from the list:
Lego Batman: $27,000
Made entirely of Lego bricks (cape aside), this 6'6'' statue of the Caped Crusader is supposedly meant to protect your kid from nightmares, monsters lurking under the bed, and any other Joker that might cross their path.
Grand Victorian Mansion: $22,000
Why play in cardboard boxes, and set up tea parties in the backyard when you can do it in the comfort of your own mansion? Available in white, lavender and light victorian_mansion.jpggreen, the fairy tale home includes "a wraparound porch, a stained-glass window, window boxes (for gardening), a skylight and a doorbell." Further, the walls come sponge-painted, there's a fireplace mantel, a loft with ladder, and simulated hardwood floors. I have an apartment in Brooklyn that doesn't have half of those features (we barely have a doorbell), or the square footage for that matter!
robby_robot.jpgGenuine 7-foot Robby Robot: $49,999.99
Forget the fact that your kids have never seen the 1956 chestnut "Forbidden Planet." That shouldn't stop them from coveting this 7 ft behemoth. Not only is the thing remote controlled, he's programmed to deliver lines from the movie. If that isn't enough to scare the bejeezus out of the neighborhood bully, you can always use your own vocal stylings by taking advantage of the wireless mic provided.

Other highlights from the list:
a gasoline operated jeep, a fortune telling machine, and a 1,000 lb piggy bank that can hold an Ivy League tuition in change in it's pork belly. Check it out here at CNN Money.