Two of my favorite sites in the whole wide web, Neatorama and TheCellar, are teaming up-- and with their superpowers combined, there's no doubt they'll be producing some stellar work. Anyway, here's the first of their joined posts: a pic of an 8-year old boy and his pet rhino Rupert.

rupert181106_228x181.jpgIf your interest is at all piqued, The Daily Mail has a great story on how the photos came about. Apparently, Rupert was orphaned during a flood in the Zambezi valley, so a vet brought the young rhino home-- where he behaved both like a dog, and like part of the family. (He was released back into the wild after a year, and sadly passed away from pneumonia a year and a half later).
dog_350x290.jpgThe story's actually close to my own heart, since my granddad (who headed part of the forestry service in India), brought an orphaned bear cub home once, and as a little girl, my mom actually had a pet bear for few months?! Click here to see and read more at TheDailyMail.