Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Scientist: Quick! Someone alert Aquaman!


The following story has dolphins, music, and a superhero. There is absolutely nothing I can add that would make it any more sublime:

It turns out that dolphins have the capacity to sing sweet melodies. To demonstrate this, researchers taught a dolphin to sing the greatest musical composition of our age: the theme from "Batman." They trained an adult male bottlenose dolphin from Disney's Epcot Center, first rewarding him when he produced the correct rhythm, then when he vocalized the rhythm, and finally when he also produced the correct pitch. Best of all, the dolphin sang on cue whenever he saw a Batman doll. Scientists say that the dolphins probably don't realize they're singing music, per se, but this ability may indicate that rhythm is an important aspect of dolphin communication. Still, since this was a year ago, I fully expect that the dolphin is now singing the Queen of the Night aria from The Magic Flute. Or at least a little Sinatra.

from SEED's I Can't Believe It's Science