Ship-rex tremendous

David K. Israel

Earlier this month, marine archeologists stumbled upon a once in an aquatic lifetime find off the coast of Spain: a 2000-year-old shipwreck.

According to this AP article from the Toronto Star:

The freight was an estimated 1,500 well-preserved clay amphoras, or two-handled jars, used in this case to hold fish sauce — a prized condiment for wealthy Romans"¦ The cargo probably also includes lead, which the Romans used for plumbing, and copper, which they mixed with tin to make bronze for everything from plates to jewellery.

Incidentally, the amphoras found in the wreckage are similar to the kind the Greeks used to give out as awards during the Panathenaic games. Wiki says, for instance, "The winner of the chariot race received as a prize 140 "˜Panathenaic Amphorae' full of olive oil."

[Editor's note: Is there some kind of shipwreck theme this week that I didn't know about?]