Great responses to "Show Off Your Smarts" Challenge

Will Pearson

Earlier this week I asked you guys to share some of your favorite urban legends. And you sent in some great stuff. If you haven't read the responses, please check them out. I had hard time picking a favorite but with Thanksgiving being just behind us, I decided to go with Sara's note about the great triptophan myth.

Eating turkey makes you sleepy because it contains triptophan. If you eat enough, sure you get sleepy -because your stomach is full, but that's it. The triptophan in turkey is not in the correct chemical form to cause the sleepiness reaction that people blame on it every year.

This Snopes article backs up Sara's statement and gives a pretty good explanation of the reality behind turkey and triptophan.

And again, if you haven't read the other comments, please check them out. Thanks to everyone who helped make us all a little smarter!

One last note: a few readers commented on my initial post about Black Friday not being the biggest shopping day of the year. It is true that it's called Black Friday because this is supposedly the day that many retailers turn the corner and go from being in the red to the black. And it is true that more shoppers may go to stores on this day than any other. But as I pointed out, people frequently claim that more money is spent on this day than any other and that is a myth.

Can't wait to hear from you guys in next week's "Show Off Your Smarts" challenge.