Matching game: The song remains the same

Ransom Riggs

Hey, fellas and fellettes: matching game time! The following are songs the titles of which also constitute their entire lyrics. Pair them with the right artist for a deep and abiding sense of satisfaction! (And also to claim music trivia bragging rights.)

The titles / lyrics
1. "Koyannisquatsi"
2. "Minimum Wage"
3. "Punk Love"
4. "Can I Cultivate Your Groinal Garden?"
5. "Pennsylvania 6-5000"
6. "No Money, No Honey"
7. "Tequila!"
8. "53 Miles West of Venus"
9. "Suck my a$$ it smells"
10. "The Simpsons" (theme)

The artists
A) Lawnmower Deth
B) GG Allin
C) Glenn Miller
D) The Champs
E) Philip Glass
F) Beck
G) The Magnetic Fields
H) The B-52's
I) Danny Elfman
J) They Might Be Giants

Answers after the jump!

1 - E
2 - J
3 - G
4 - A
5 - C
6 - F
7 - D
8 - H
9 - B
10 - I