The new prohibition?

David K. Israel

I remember the day NYC's smoking ban went into effect and bar owners from the Bronx to Brooklyn feared for their businesses. My concern wasn't so much for them, "˜cause, let's face it, people still need to congregate around food and drink, right? My concern was more for the owners of all the city's drycleaners. They were the ones who were going to be hit hardest.

But most stayed in business, and if you ask anyone these days, the smoking ban was good for the city in more ways than it wasn't. So what about this new ban the board of health just voted on?

Oh, you haven't heard? According to this article in The New York Times, most artificial trans fatty acids will be prohibited from crossing in from New Jersey real soon. And there's a precedent: Denmark has already banned them, as well as a the hamlet of Tiburon, CA.

So look out New Yorkers: this might go underground, with modern-day mobsters smuggling KFC and Krispy Kreme in from Connecticut real soon. Though I suppose replacing arterial clogging with freeway congestion isn't such a bad trade off, some people are gonna be hoppin' ass mad if this ban actually goes into effect. You can bet your last fry on that.