Alex Tew, the crafty genius behind the Million Dollar Homepage is out to make another million dollars. And instead of doing what all his imitators have been doing (The Billion Dollar Homepage, The Trillion Dollar Homepage, etc), he's playing it a lot smarter. Tew's newest endeavor, Pixelotto, is a free online lottery that hopes to make a millionaire out of you as well. Here's the idea: Tew is selling each pixel of ad space this time for $2. All you have to do is register for free, and start clicking ads on the site (you can click up to 10 per day). Each time you click on an ad, you accumulate entries. When all the pixels have been sold, Alex will randomly draw one pixel from his page, and then draw from all the people who've clicked on that particular pixel. He'll keep the first million, and give that lucky clicker the second. Pretty slick thinking from a guy who's only going to get richer from here. Link via the Presurfer.