No More Happy Trees?!

Mangesh Hattikudur

I'm not sure how many of you remember Bob Ross, the hirsute PBS painter with the soothing voice, but according to G4's TheFeed (my source for all video game news), the dead instructional artist and his notoriously "happy trees" almost made a comeback on the Nintendo Wii. It's true! For a few weeks PBS fans, and pseudo-artistic gaming types were buzzing about the new paint game for the Wii. Unfortunately, however, production has been cancelled. It's a shame—the games would have made great giveaways during all those PBS beg-athons.

Anyway, because I love Bob Ross so much I wanted to leave you with some facts about his life, supplied by the the fine folks at Wikipedia:

  • Ross spent 20 years in the Air Force before he started painting on tv
  • He turned his show into a multi-million dollar cash cow by selling how-to books, a line of art supplies, and by offering classes instructed by people trained in "the Bob Ross method"
  • He was on the air for 11 years
  • He grew up in Florida, and claimed that until 6th grade he didn't wear shoes to school
  • He's been used in promos for MTV, where he works on a painting that ends up being a giant MTV logo.
  • He's stated that cleaning his brush was his favorite part of painting.