A Zune ad worth seeing (...and one that isn't)

Mangesh Hattikudur

While I'm a true and tried Apple user, I've been eyeing the Microsoft Zune with curiosity—not so much because I want one, but because I'm dying to know how the supposed "iPod killer" plans on positioning itself. In any case, I've stumbled onto two ads recently, one of which I find thoroughly endearing, and the other completely disturbing. Here's the one that's too cute not to post.
It's done in a total Tim Burton style, and uses delicious music from M. Ward. I'm not sure whether people who are unfamiliar with the product know about the sharing tunes function (you can supposedly beam your favorite songs over to friends' Zune for them to listen to), but the concept's nicely illustrated if you know about it aforehand.

Of course,

the ad that I find a lot less likable is this one.

It also plays off the sharing function, though it involves a cartoon lion constantly mauling his friend. I'm guessing if the Zune goes in this direction, they'll have a far more limited audience. Links via



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