Discovery News is reporting that after analyzing 120 men and women of varying ages, an Italian study out of Milan has concluded that "nocturnal types" are more likely to find creative solutions to problems. In fact, the study seems to indicate that creativity has far less to do with age, than with your sleep patterns. And while the explanation of how creativity was scored in the study seems a little dubious to me, what was particularly interesting was that there really are morning and evening personalities. According to a study from the Sleep and Performance Research Center in Washington State University, humans have a small group of brain cells called the suprachiasmatic nuclei that "emits signals to the body that synchronize the time of day. This "biological clock" runs two hours ahead in morning types and two hours later in evening types." Bizarre, eh? Of course, creativity isn't the only trait that the Milan study group has associated with the night owls. They also believe this non-conformist group of snooze button advocates to be more extroverted on the whole. Click here to read more.