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Armchair Field Trip to Grenada: Black-bellied Sheep


I can't seem to find much information about black-bellied sheep on the internet, but from what I do know, these guys originally come from Barbados -- and they're all over that island, as well as Carriacou. They roam freely on the roads eating grass, they baa constantly, and they're absolutely adorable. (I'm not the only one who thinks so, either.) I think I've spotted some on Grenada proper as well, although it's easy to mistake them for goats because, unlike regular sheep, the black-bellied ones don't have lush curly hair. Hey, if you were in Grenada, you wouldn't want an itchy wool coat either.

Judging by the number of babies we've seen, breeding season is either in full swing or, as we've been told, an all-year-round affair. We've also heard they're very good eating, which is the reason people keep them in the first place. Poor little guys.