World's tallest man saves dolphins

Ransom Riggs

This guy really wants to be blogged about. Well, I'll bite -- the pictures are hard to resist! Thanks to the Cellar for the skinny:

Veterinarians at the oceanarium in Fushun, China had a problem. Two of their dolphins had taken up the habit of eating pieces of plastic off the edge of their pool. And some of the pieces were so large they couldn't be digested. The dolphins went off their food and became depressed. The vets tried to retrieve the pieces with surgical tools, but the dolphins' stomachs would constrict, making the job impossible. Then someone had a brilliant idea: let's get Xi Shun, the world's tallest man. at 7'9" (2.36m) and with arms 41 inches long (1.06m), and recognized by Guinness as the tallest living human, he should be able to reach right down in there. And so they wrapped towels around the dolphins' teeth and sent in Shun. And he pulled out the biggest pieces that were causing the dolphins trouble.

But on to the real meat: pictures of Xi Shun standing up after the jump!

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