Forget Nostradamus! If you're looking for some serious insight into the future, perhaps we should all be turning to Dime Magazine, a basketball/lifestyle publication that seems to be far better at predicting the future than any crystal ball. Case in point: Their August cover featuring a glossy pic of the Denver Nuggets' Carmelo Anthony putting up his dukes and talking freely about how he's been training to box in the off-season. Of course, as AdFreak puts it, the conceit is"somewhat embarrassing in light of Anthony's sucker punch on Mardy Collins during the Knicks/Nuggets game on Saturday night."Â  In any case, with their newfound credibility, I for one will be inspecting Dime closely for any insight they have on the '08 Presidential Election, what lottery numbers to buy, and where I've placed my missing socks. Tip via AdFreak.