Don't call them freaks

Ransom Riggs

Call them "body modification artists." Building on yesterday's theme, which all started with us thinking too much about the body-modified Mayans depicted in Apocalypto, we wanted to get down to brass tacks (no, that's not a body mod) and meet a few celebrities. Of the body modification world, that is.

The Enigma

For years a part of Jim Rose's traveling circus, he's a professional freak (his own words) and musician who has covered his body in blue puzzle-shaped tattoos, sports "horn implants" and performs all manner of sideshow stunts, from sword-swallowing to fire breathing.

Katzen the Tiger Lady
A bandmate (and until recently, wife) of the Enigma, she wears full-body tattoos as well as cat whiskers attached via transdermal implants on her face. "Katzen," she'll have you know, is German for "cats."

Stalking Cat

stalking.jpg /

As catlike as Katzen may be, she doesn't hold a candle to Stalking Cat, an American Indian whose devotion to body modification and catliness is unchallenged. Reportedly beginning his body modifications after a conversation with an Indian chief who counseled him to "follow the way of the tiger," Stalking's body boasts

  • extensive tattooing, including facial tattooing
  • hairline modification
  • facial transdermal implants to allow the wearing of whiskers
  • facial subdermal implants to change the shape of the brow and forehead
  • filing and capping of his teeth to have a more feline appearance
  • wearing green contact lenses with slit irises
  • having his ears surgically pointed
  • silicone injection in the lips, cheeks, chin and other parts of his face
  • and a bifurcated upper lip.

Lucky "Diamond" Rich

lucky.JPG /

Of course, no list of celebrated body modifiers would be complete without Lucky "Diamond" Rich, who claims the Guinness Book's dubious honor of being the world's most tattooed person, with ink covering his entire body, including the inside of his mouth and ears. And despite being a blue man, as far as we know he has never been associated with the Blue Man Group.