Thingamajig Thursday: dragées

David K. Israel

It's Thursday folks, and you know what that means! Before I name a new thingamajig, I must make good on my promise to pick a winner from last week's open call to rename the banal ski pole "basket."

Most creative has to go to Anthony for his "desinkificator." While bragging rights for Wittiest goes to Dawn for "No-Snow-Low-Go." Priceless guys, thanks!

Now today I'm naming those small, ball bearing-like balls, usually silver-colored and used for decorating cookies, cake, and other such sweets. They're called dragées and can be traced back to the Greek word, dragéa, or dried fruit. Curiously, in the early 20th century, the sale of dragées was banned as the silver was thought to have mercury in it. Now, they're sold with the following WAY scary disclaimer:

Dragees are to be used as "decoration only" because, per the FDA, they contain trace amounts of metal (ie: silver). They are, however, considered non-toxic. Although people do consume them in some parts of the world, we recommend you remove them before eating confections.

I've always eaten them and assumed, seeing as they were buried in the frosting of a cupcake, they were candy! So you see folks, Thingamajig Thursday doesn't just make you look smarter by naming odd things, it SAVES LIVES!