Weekend Word Wrap: clichés

David K. Israel

I've posted about clichés and hackneyed phrases before, but never seriously. A cliché-oriented posting over at Gakwer this week slid some oil to the old wheels and made me think it was time to devote a Word Wrap to "˜em. According to Gawker, there are many words that are more than ubiquitous out there in the blogosphere, a medium which has obviously given rise to its own trite phrases. Check out the post for all of them, but I thought I'd note my favorites, some of which, we here at the _floss might be guilty of on occasion:

1) I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.
2) What's next? [outlandish scenario]?
3) [Argument], wait for it, [rhetorical flourish]
4) [x] is the new [y].

The word cliché is, of course, French, and comes from the past participle of their word clicher, which means to stereotype.

So what are some clichés that ruffle your feathers, that get your goat? We'd love to know which ones piss you off due to their overuse and abuse.