The 12 Days of Quizzes


Three years ago, Kara and I ran a "Twelve Days of Christmas" quiz series on from December 25 until January 5. And while we're taking this week off, we realized that some of you might have forgotten those quizzes (and others never taken them at all), so we thought we'd bring them back to entertain you a bit while you're waiting for 2007 to come around and put an end to all this holiday madness.

Day 1: In a Pear Tree
Day 2: Turtle Doves
Day 3: French Hens
Day 4: Calling Birds
Day 5: Golden Rings
Day 6: Geese A-Laying
Day 7: Swans A-Swimming
Day 8: Maids A-Milking
Day 9: Ladies Dancing
Day 10: Lords A-Leaping
Day 11: Pipers Piping
Day 12: Drummers Drumming