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Viral meme all your friends already know about, #3: Will It Blend?


How do you make a boring household appliance, like a blender, the hip new thing? Well, you can either design it to be retro-adorable, or you can appeal to the misbehaving-kid demographic. BlendTec appears to have gone the latter route -- its new ad campaign is a fantastic, unholy cross between a cooking show and "Mr. Wizard," as set in a frat house. Watch as star Tom Dickson crushes lightbulbs and beer bottles using nothing but his bare hands and his blender! See what the "soup" setting can do to a rake handle! Some of the the videos are up on YouTube -- here's my favorite:

I know this is a corporate promotion, a la "Tea Partay," but it suckered me right in and now all I want in this world is a BlendTec blender, if only so I could throw my misbehaving Mac hard drive in there.