Rock Star Names (Kihntinued)

Jason English

Yesterday, we discussed the real names of music legends. Greg Kihn was not on that list. That's because Kihn, who now hosts a morning radio show in San Jose, absolutely loves his given name. Consider the names of selected albums released by the Greg Kihn Band:

Greg Kihn (1976)
Greg Kihn Again (1977)
Next of Kihn (1978)
Rockihnroll (1981)
Kihntinued (1982)
Kihnspiracy (1983)
Kihntagious (1984)
Citizen Kihn (1985)
Kihnsolidation (1989)
Unkihntrollable (1991)
Kihn of Hearts (1992)
Kihnspicuous Taste (1998)
True Kihnfessions (2000)

They just don't write album titles like that anymore. I wish my last name were the homonym of an abundant prefix. Also, I'm a big fan of the author of Kihn's Wikipedia article:

"Originally he stated that the 'best of kihncert' album would be released in August but as of December 2006 the album has not seen any sort of release & his fans are growing VERY impatient. Kihn loves Corvettes and supposedly bought one in early December 2006. It is an annoying topic on his morning show that is used too often."