Friday Reading Material

Jason English

Before joining forces with the mental_floss gang, my blogging career started at YesButNoButYes. It's been a big week for them, with several fascinating entries. Because I forgot to take a relevant picture of Bailey for my upcoming "Why do dogs pee on fire hydrants: is it a chicken-or-the-egg thing?" post, I'll offer you these links instead.

+Top Ten Albums You've Never Heard. A list of projects that ended up getting shelved, including an electric version of Springsteen's Nebraska and, of course, Chinese Democracy.

+Fortean Friday (Now On Thursday). An in-depth look at The Oak Island Money Pit and 200 years of treasure hunters coming up empty (if they come up at all).

+Who Are They Now? The NFL Quarterbacks' Wives Club. Ever wonder about the women behind the men behind center? No? Full disclosure: this one's mine.

+The 2006 Lists of Lists of Lists! The best lists of lists. I may be missing another "of lists" in there.