Tuesday Turnip

David K. Israel

It's time for another whimsical Tuesday Turnip search wherein I type a random phrase and we see what kind of interesting factoids "turn-up."

As my wife and I are considering buying a hybrid, today I typed in "if you own a hybrid," unearthing the following:

Charts clarify that if you own a vehicle that gets 21 mpg, you will pay out an average of $8,500 a season on gasoline. If you own a hybrid that gets 46 mpg, you will save over $4,600 a year, spending only $3,900 on gasoline. Buying a hybrid that gets 55 mpg or more, you will save between $500 and $1000 more a year compared to a 46mpg hybrid. These statistics are adequate to make common SUV owners want to run to a hybrid. If you own a hybrid or biodiesel vehicle, we'd like to reward you with discount on your 1st Year's Membership! Did you know that there are special federal tax credits available if you own a hybrid vehicle? And of course you get free meter parking if you own a hybrid If you own a hybrid vehicle and you live in Kansas, then you're in luck; you now can get a discount on your auto insurance from the Farmers Insurance Group If you own a hybrid in California, you can apply for a special decal that allows for driving in the carpool lane If you own a hybrid car, you can save money at the gas pump as well as on your taxes. Each hybrid car is worth a $2000 tax break If you own a hybrid please contact me about joining our tour. The Sierra Club is launching a national Hybrid Car Tour If you own a hybrid or a fuel-efficient smaller car, you could drive 800 miles — roughly the distance from Springer to El Paso and back to Albuquerque on I-25 [on a single tank of gas].