Smile, perverts -- you're on the internet

Ransom Riggs

Hollaback, y'all! That's exactly what a blog-minded group of activist ladies in the Big Apple did: sick of being harassed by letchy men on the street -- who seemed to operate with total impunity -- they decided to do something about it, and started Hollabacknyc. Whenever a catcall, rude remark or indecently-exposed bit of male anatomy came their way, they whipped out their camera phones, snapped a picture of the offender, and posted it on their site for the world to see.

After some good word-of-mouth and laudatory human-interest writeups in newspapers of note, the Hollaback phenomenon took off. Now there's a Hollaback site for a dozen US cities and Canada, as well. Posts include first-person accounts of the harassment, and when possible, pictures of the perps. Here's just one great example:

"Working as a waitress, I put up with all sorts of crap from sleazebag men. Here is a prime example - luckily I had my camera/phone handy. I could hear these two saying vulgar things and laughing as soon as they sat down. Me: "What can I get you?" Creep in the green hat: "How about you, sweetheart?" Nauseating laughter. So I gave them some of me - a big loogie at the bottom of their beers."

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