But would it fly on Broadway?


I am torn between wishing I had been at this production and being really, really glad I wasn't:

Last month, audiences of Brown University's production of the Jean-Paul Sartre play "The Flies" were greatly outnumbered by 30,000 fruit flies, bred by a science student specifically for the play. "The Flies" is Sartre's take on a Greek tragedy, in which the protagonist, Orestes, murders his mother and her lover. The purpose of the flies, according to the show's director, Brown senior James Rutherford, is to physically manifest the guilt that plagues Orestes after his deadly deeds. ... The production team calculated the rough density of the theater to determine the amount of flies that would be "present but not really annoying."

Having bred these babies once for an experiment, I can personally testify that there is no number of them that isn't at least mildly annoying.