Ho hum, another Thursday, another thingamajig. I bet you guys wonder sometimes: "How many thingamajigs can there be already?" You know what? I wonder the same sometimes. Yet, every Thursday here I am with another. It doesn't take long to think of something to write about. I guess when it does, we'll have to phase out the thingamajig. Unless, of course, you all have thingamajigs you'd like me to research and name. If so, just drop a suggestion down in the comments.

Meanwhile, today I'm naming the oval shield or scroll you often see used as an ornament bearing design or inscription on the front of an old buildings. It's called a cartouche, which is a French word taken from the Latin, carta, or paper. Remember the Magana Carta ("great paper")?

Here's a bunch of photos so you know exactly what I'm talking about.