A whole new kind of brotherhood

Ransom Riggs

That's right: it's Brotherhood 2.0. Not having any brothers myself, I'm not quite sure what Brotherhood 1.0 is all about, but in the interest of being forward-thinking and cutting-edge and all-around internetastic, I celebrate and endorse anything 2.0.

This particular 2.0 refers to a familial experiment currently being conducted by authors, mental_floss contributors and fraternal persons John and Hank Green, who have vowed for the entirety of 2007 not to have any communication with the other that is not published as a video blog. Normally this would be no big deal, considering that something on the order of forty thousand new bloggers are hatched every day, and thus their fraternal bloggings would be relegated to peaceful obscurity in a dark corner of the worldwide web. But since John is a successful author of young adult novels, young adults being particularly internet-obsessed, theirs is a brotherhood on rather public display.

Here's the blog that started it all: