Weekend Word Wrap

David K. Israel

Today's Word Wrap keeps on with our tradition of bringing you the hippest, most happening new words and phrases being coined, as they're coined... well, okay, with at least a 5-second delay, "˜cause, let's face it, a blog that brands itself as SMART certainly don't wanna look all stupid and bleep.

Today's sparkling entries, as usual, are brought to you by the good folk over at wordspy.com

so September 10 adj. Representing attitudes or ideas that were significant or applicable prior to but not after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. (Citations)

flog n. A blog that appears to be written by an individual, but is actually maintained by a corporate marketing department or a public relations firm. —v. [Blend of fake and blog.] (Citations)
techno-creep n. The gradual encroachment of technology into every aspect of society. Also: technocreep, techno creep. (Citations)

wardrobing n. The practice of purchasing an item such as a piece of clothing or a device, using it briefly, and then returning it to the store for a refund. —pp.
wardrober n. (Citations)

empty spam n. A spam message that contains passages from classic literature, but no discernible advertisement, phishing attempt, or malicious code. (Citations)