Public service announcement: The chain gang


I've mentioned this worthy organization on the blog before (albeit in passing), but one of our readers thought we ought to bring it to full attention in order to make the world a better place:

At Chain Letters Anonymous, we understand the anxiety of breaking the chain. We want to help you overcome "forward-button addiction" and the superstitious intoxication that brings computer networks to a crawl. Not everyone has the strength to quit cold turkey, and we fully understand. To help you gradually stop sending chain letters, volunteers at Chain Letters Anonymous are available 24-hours a day in case you "fall off the inbox" and really, really need to send a chain letter to ten of your friends.

They're not kidding -- you can submit chain letters to them, either online or by post, so you don't have to be the last person the thing comes to. Be warned, though, that CLA "cannot guarantee that you will receive the benefits described in the letter (in fact we think it's a load of bunk)."