Since it's MLK Day and all, I figured I'd spotlight another man with a dream, albeit a considerably less important one: the dream of using the Internet to become a millionaire. Perhaps taking his cues from Sesame Street's The Count, Birmingham's own Jeremy Harper (a friend of our editor-in-chief) is trying to get rich by counting to 1,000,000 on his webcam. Each number is going for $1, and corporations are encouraged to buy blocks of 1,000. Of course, advertising's part of the appeal: while Harper's counting the numbers in your block in his charming Southern drawl, your ad will flash below the webcam screen. According to the site, the feat will supposedly take 3 months of counting at 16 hours per day. And while the only numbers I ever plan to buy are those of the lotto variety, I have to say, as a fairly lazy person myself, I do admire the very small lengths Jeremy is willing to go to to make a buck. Click here to visit the site.