A few of 2006's worst

Ransom Riggs

A lot of folks try and find the worst movies of the year, TV shows of the year, even haircuts of the year. We found a few 2006 worst-of picks we thought were more interesting.

1. Worst book cover
Jim Cramer's Mad Money: Watch TV, Get Rich
From Bookslut: "It is interesting how the lead contenders in scary head cover art tend to be self-help books of some type. Possibly this has to do with the carny/sideshow-barker/Mark Twain character-type salesmanship of the self-help industry -- a lot of these books are sold via appearances on television talk shows, so it's all about selling the author (or, if space is limited, just the author's scary head) as a product."

2. Worst dictator
Omar al-Bashir of Sudan

bashir.jpg /

From Parade: "Since February 2003, Bashir's campaign of ethnic and religious persecution has killed at least 180,000 civilians in Darfur in western Sudan and driven 2 million people from their homes. The good news is that Bashir's army and the Janjaweed militia that he supports have all but stopped burning down villages in Darfur. The bad news is why they've stopped: There are few villages left to burn. The attacks now are aimed at refugee camps. While the media have called these actions "a humanitarian tragedy," Bashir himself has escaped major condemnation."

3. Worst commercial
Head On
From Awfulcommercials: "Some credit has to be given to the ability of this spot to get people's attention. It's so repetitious it makes people talk about how ham-fisted it is. This doesn't appear to be a clever marketing gimmick, however, because updated commercials actually apologize to the viewer for how annoying the ads proved to be."