Gentlemen, Start Your Vacuums


There's no doubt the Roomba has taken the chore out of carpet cleaning. Unfortunately, however, it isn't nearly as much fun as the new Trak Vac racecar vacuum cleaner. While the T.V.R.V.C. (as no one calls it) can operate just like your regular robo-vac (meaning without your supervision), it also comes with a remote control function—allowing you to speed your vacuum around the jagged racecar turns of your ottoman while picking up any crumbs along the way. Better yet, the pimped out vacuum plays NASCAR-theme sound effects on revving up, and whenever the battery needs to be recharged. Of course, all this good clean fun comes at a cost. The Trak Vac will set you back $279.99. But aren't you worth it? Link via OhGizmo.