Weekend Word Wrap: online acronyms

David K. Israel

Michael Laser had a funny piece in the Los Angeles Times some weeks ago poking fun at all the chat acronyms that have popped up in the last 10 years and how he's only recently learned what the more popular ones mean (LOL, DYHABF). Sad to say that even I, one of the very first chatters in cyberspace (entered my first AOL chat room in '93, possibly called "trivia geeks") wasn't familiar with some of the new lingo like W/E=whatever or UW=you wish.

Laser came up with some of his own for, shall we say, people of a certain age. You can check out the whole piece here for his complete list. Meanwhile, I'll leave you with some of my favorites and open the floor to you all. Leave us an original of your own in the comments and I'll pick one creative soul with the MOOA (most original online acronym) and reveal the winner in next week's Word Wrap!

SMB/SWU: Stiff Morning Back/Struggling With Underwear

ROTFC9: Rolling On The Floor, Call 911

SHBASH: Should Have Bought a Smaller House

GOFAM: Googling Old Friends After Midnight

NNRB: Need New Roof, Boiler