Good Hivekeeping

Mangesh Hattikudur

Man, I remember hearing all about the birds from my father-son chat with Pops, but apparently he didn't do much of a job clueing me in on the bees. Thankfully, New Scientist is happy to fill in the gaps: They've got a fascinating article up today on what bumblebees do to adjust the temp in their hives.

"Bumblebees warm and cool their hives to keep the brood of the next generation at just the right temperature "“ between 28°C and 32°C. When temperatures get too hot, they cool them by fanning their wings. And when it gets chilly, the bees vibrate their wing muscles to shunt heat down to their abdomen, which they hold up against larvae-containing comb."

Crazy! Anyway, you can read the entire article here.