Read mental_floss, live longer!

David K. Israel

A fascinating new study out of the University of Warwick, in England seems to prove that winning a Nobel actually extends your life. And it's not because of the cash, which might enable you to improve your life in some dramatic fashion. They're not actually sure what's causing the phenomenon, but their hunch is it has to do with status.

From this week's The Economist: "Comparing winners and also-rans from within the same countries, to avoid yet another source of bias, Dr Rablen and Dr Oswald [who conducted the research], found that the winners lived, on average, two years longer than those who had merely been nominated."

Just one more reason to read our magazine and blog: a smarter person has a better chance of winning a Nobel; and a Nobel adds years to your life; ergo: mental_floss adds years to your life! That's the way we figure it, anyway.