Greg Veis, YouTube Hunter: From the Annals of Dumb Criminalia


Along with playing chess and watching my friends have sex, I derive endless enjoyment from Dumb Criminal videos. And based upon all the airtime these grainy surveillance tapes get, I'm guessing you do, too. So let's drop the ado...

This one is the most famous of the stupid crook YouTubes. There are many different versions of this video including one that's more than borderline racist

--but I like this one the best for its subtitles, which are undoubtedly accurate:

And look at this guy who doesn't know the difference between pushing and pulling. Oh sweet petunia stank, this is awesome!

Here's another suspect the police didn't have trouble finding, and for added enjoyment the narrator of this piece is Trace Gallagher, my favorite of the Fox News anchors because a) that can't be his real name, and b) he bears an uncanny resemblance to Kent Brockman

This doesn't fit the strict definition of a dumb criminal video, but it's nicely weird:

Anyway, if you know of any other excellent such vids, post 'em in the comments section. And before you go, on a semi-related note, let me leave you with one of the best videos to get put on near constant rotation on The Box in the late 90s: