Judgment of Paris?


So you might recall the quasi-controversial post I threw up last year about super-skinny models and how Spain had barred models below a certain weight from fashion shows. A month ago, I heard Italy was drafting new laws, as well, and possibly New York.
But not the French. No. Recently, Didier Grumbach, the head of the French fashion federation decided the French will not place similar restrictions on skinny models, justifying the action by explaining that their rules on health are already strict. He also explained there had been both round and very skinny models in the history of fashion.

If you don't believe him about the round models, just take a look over at judgmentofparis.com. As the Rubenesque name implies, they are all about celebrating plus-size models as living embodiments of the Classical ideal of beauty, and even have a survey you can take asking who you think is the most attractive of them all.

From the website: "After all, the plus-size female figure was the acknowledged ideal of beauty in every century prior to the twentieth, and femininity was revered as the essence of womanly allure throughout human history."

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