Thingamajig Thursday: tub trip levers and such

David K. Israel

Welcome to yet another Thingamajig Thursday. Today's entry was inspired by my wife, who got out of the bath the other day and said, "You know that thingamabob that you pull up to plug the drain"¦" and went on to tell me that ours broke and asked if I wouldn't mind calling Schneider over to put a new one in.

Of course our handyman isn't really named Schneider, but my wife and I both had a thing for One Day at a Time when we were kids, so that's what we call all handymen. I know: welcome to dorks on ice.
Anyway, today I'm naming those bathtub thingamabobs, which are actually comprised of two separate pieces. The first is called the overflow plate, which, in some cases, allows water to seep through so it doesn't overflow, much like the hole in the sink.

The second piece is the thingamajig that broke in our tub, and that's called a trip lever. Pretty straightforward this week, but still useful. In case it happens to you and you need to call Schneider over, he'll know exactly what to bring. It's okay, you can thank me later"¦