Where unlikely superheroes go to die

Ransom Riggs

Yes, it's the internet. That's where you'll find thousands upon thousands of geek fanboy attempts at creating their own superheroes on celluloid (or at least highly compressed digital tape), now quietly decomposing in the graveyard of ideas that is YouTube. Here are some of our favorites, exhumed for your viewing pleasure. The thing they all share is the creative genius (some might argue) of one Dan Harmon, who wrote and co-created the 80s-style Knight-Rider parody Heatvision and Jack, starring Jack Black and Owen Wilson, and directed by a hilariously pretentious Ben Stiller. Check out the first (and only) episode, a pilot made for Fox but never picked up:

Riding low on the failure of his almost-success, a few years later Harmon started a Los Angeles-based film competition called Channel 101, which challenged whomever wanted to compete to make a five-minute (fake) TV pilot, the lot of which would be screened and voted on in some public place (a bar, usually), and either picked up (ie, recieved a lot of votes), or cancelled (did not). Harmon himself created some of the funniest pilots for 101, including a number of unlikely superhero shows. Check 'em out, but be forewarned, those among you with Victorian sensitivities: some of them are downright bawdy; ribald, even!

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Jack Black plays a man turned into a computer (and sings the theme song). A man-puter?

Eating a burrito from a malfunctioning microwave gives Dan Harmon special powers.

Even the concept it too naughty (and silly) to write here. Hilarious, but not for the easily offended!