So bad they're good: worst music videos ever


Anyone can make a mediocre music video, but it takes a rare kind of, shall we say, anti-talent to make a truly awful one. Today, we celebrate those videos and the yawning black void of ideas from which they sprung, for there but for the grace of God, a smart guy once said, go we. Here, without further ado, are our top 6:

1: I Wanna Love You Tender by Finnish band Armi ja Danny

2: Dog Police by the band Dog Police, from their album "Dog Police"

3: Losing You by Jan Terri
Jan worked as a limo driver in Chicago and would give copies of the videos to her clients in an attempt to drum up interest in her fledgling singing career. These became cult favorites in advertising and marketing circles for Terri's less-than-stellar singing ability and the videos' amateur production quality. A copy of the video eventually made its way to rocker Marilyn Manson, who was intrigued. He had Terri perform at one of his parties, and was impressed enough with her sincerity to allow her to open for one of his concerts.

We really scrape the bottom of the barrel -- after the jump.

4: The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins by Leonard Nimoy
A cut from Nimoy's record "The Two Sides of Leonard Nimoy," released in 1968. He was in the midst of shooting the second season of Star Trek when this video was made, which explains the Dr. Spock haircut. (Doesn't quite explain the Vulcan/hobbit ears, however.)

5: Girl, You Know it's True by Milli Vanilli
Considering how popular these guys were, and how much label backing they must've had when this video was made, it's downright shocking how bad it is.

6: Let's Get Physical by Olivia Newton-John
If the song is supposed to be sexy, this video is anything but.