Nerdcore Hip Hop Could Reign Supreme

Chris Higgins

Nerdcore Hip Hop, our favorite nerdy musical subgenre, is finally getting its own documentary: Nerdcore Rising. In case you haven't gotten the Nerdcore Memo yet, here's an explanation from the documentary's producers:

Nerdcore hip hop is a sociological phenomenon born out of the internet and made possible by computer-obsessed geeks. Nerdcore Rising follows MC Frontalot - the "Godfather of Nerdcore" - on his first national tour to reveal both the roots of the genre and the dorky complexities of its artists. Featuring Weird Al Yankovic, MC Chris, MC Lars, Brian Posehn, Jello Biafra, Daily Show Folks, and a slew of other artists and commentators.

If you haven't heard MC Frontalot yet, you owe it to yourself to download some MP3s (legal ones!) to get a taste. We recommend Indier Than Thou and Front the Most (those are direct MP3 links), though we celebrate his whole catalog. Superfans (like this humble blogger) can join Front's Valued Sucker Program to gain access to special content!